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  • Marineway Pool Maintenance Update

    Published: June 08, 2022

    We wanted to let everyone know that we are currently experiencing internet connection issues with our Marineway pool which causes the card reader to not always work properly. We have Spectrum installed, which is who we have had service with at the pools for years, and they switched the internet over to a hotspot instead of a modem since the modems were burning up when it would get over 100 degrees. We have been working with AT&T to try to install fiber internet at this pool, but they are requiring that the pool address be registered with USPS before they are able to install the fiber. We are working with USPS to try and get the Marineway pool address registered, and they provided us with an ETA of mid-week this week before they get back to us with a resolution. As soon as we have confirmation that the address has been registered with USPS then we can schedule for AT&T to install which should only take a few days. We are also working with our new gate system company to install a new key card reader at the Marineway pool as well to help with the connectivity. Click Full Story for more information.

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    Marine Creek Meadows HOA